11 Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing

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Is your email marketing strategy not increasing the open rate of your emails? Even still, if you are content with your open rate, can you confirm your emails opened and reacted to, not just opened and then decluttered from the mailbox? So how does this happen?

1/ CTA above the fold.

When customers open your email, everything they need to take action should be visible without having to scroll.

2/ Optimize email design for mobile.

60-80% of your email opens are likely to happen on mobile.

If you ignore mobile formatting…

You ignore over half of your customers.

3/ Make your content skimmable.

Your customers are busy. Everyone is.

Get to the point. This applies to subject lines, email content, CTAs, etc.

Use formatting and sizing to guide your readers’ eyes through the email.

Email Markting

4/ Automate emails for key lifecycle events.

✅ Winback

✅ Abandon cart

✅ Abandon browse

✅ New prospect onboarding

✅ New customer onboarding

✅ Repeat purchase (2nd order)

✅ Repeat purchase (3rd order)

These are all must-haves & provide a steady stream of $$$

5/ Segment offers by LTV (lifetime value).

Bucket subscribers by:

  • High LTV
  • Low LTV
  • No purchases

Send less generous offers to the high LTV group.

Be more aggressive with low LTV & non-buyers.

6/ Personalize.

You’ll get better engagement when the reader feels like you are speaking directly to them.

Use their name and other unique variables (like past purchases) to stand out in their inbox.

7/ Set up campaign exclusions.

❌ No opens in the last xx days

❌ Has ordered in the last xx days

Knowing who NOT to message is just as important as targeting.

It ensures you don’t send conflicting messages & cleans out the unengaged.

8/ Don’t remove unengaged users entirely.

Yes, it is essential to keep your lists clean.

But don’t forget to message your less engaged customers 1x per month.

Save your best content/offers for these customers to win them back.

9/ Promos.

One of the biggest needle movers for revenue growth.

Nothing is more powerful than sending the right offer at the right time.

10/ Send reminder emails

If your average open rate is ~25%, that means 75% of your list is not reading your email. It wasn’t the right time.

More touchpoints = higher chance of conversion

Automate reminders with fresh content.

Applies for both ads and email.

11/ A/B test everything.

If you’re not testing, you’re missing an opportunity to learn about your customers.

  • CTAs
  • Email copy
  • Email design
  • Subject lines
  • Target audience

It extends to all aspects of your business.

Never stop learning.


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