10 WordPress SEO Tips to Implement Before Building a Single Backlink

Jun 23, 2022SEO0 comments

WordPress SEO Tips

Here is the SEO tips for your WordPress SEO Tips blog. how to ready your blog or website for off-page SEO and Link building activities.

WordPress SEO Tips By H Cube Web Solutions

  1. Make Sure Your Blog is Indexed

-An easy way to see if your blog content is being indexed is to perform the following search command:

“site: yoursite. com”

-If not blog posts are returned you will need to check your index settings.

  1. Determine If a WWW or Non-WWW Domain Setting is Best​

If you are starting fresh, select the www version of your domain, including the HTTPS. So, it would look something like this:


The other opinion would look like this:


  1. Enable SEO-Friendly Permalinks​

So,  the URL would be something like:



It looks better visually,👆 and it also helps Google better understand your content.

  1. Block Blog Spam

-Blog comment spam is a major problem these days.

-If you do want to enable comments on your WordPress blog be sure to set them to manual approval.

-This is more work, but it will keep your posts free from spam and potentially malicious links.

  1. Use a Minimalistic Blog Theme Build for Performance

-One of the biggest draws to WordPress is its large library of themes, some that are free to use, and while they may look nice, they are often clunky and not optimized for performance.

-Resolve it Now


  1. Install Only Necessary Plugins​

-While there are WordPress plugins for almost anything you need in terms of features or functionality, it doesn’t mean you should add dozens of plugins.

-Install only necessary plugins


7. Generate an XML Sitemap​

-Every time a new page or post is published it’s added to your XML Sitemap, letting the search engines know that there is new content on your website for them to crawl and index.

-Use the built-in XML Sitemap generator located within the Yoast SEO

  1. Understand How to Write #SEO-Friendly Blog Titles​

Poor: “ Weight Loss Tips | Top Weight Loss Tips | Best Weight Loss Tips”

Good: “OMG! These Weight Loss Tips Helped This Single Mom Drop 35 Lbs.”

-Use Keyword at start

-Use attention-grabbing words for clicks

  1. Include Long-Tail Keyword Variants in Headings​

How to search Long Tail KW:

Long-tail keywords usually represent a customer who is closer to a buying decision.

5 Ways to Discover Long-Tail Terms:

-Use Google Suggest

-Use Google’s Related Searches

-Browse Q&A Sites

-Browse Wikipedia

-Run a gap analysis (Use @semrush tool or any other)

  1. Interlink Throughout Your Blog​

when you link one of your own pages to another internally within a website. Since you control your site you can control your blog’s entire internal linking structure. This is important for traffic because of how search engines work.

So, whether you are new at SEO or have been publishing content for a while, be sure to take advantage of the ten WordPress SEO tips below.

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