WordPress announces the release of the latest version of Gutenberg, in 11.2 latest version of Gutenberg there are not big upgrades. There are normal bug fixes and add some features to upgrade the user interface.

Gutenberg WordPress Editor

As most of us know that Gutenberg is an official WordPress editor or you can say builder to make a website. In that, you can make a website using a drag and drop interface.

Gutenberg mainly focuses on how to make the website easily.

Gutenberg uses a design of a “block,” like building blocks.

There are already blocks for paragraphs, headings, columns, quotes, and so on. Each of the blocks can be customized to different level designs as publishers want. The most important thing is a non-coding publisher also building a site easily and that is because of Gutenberg’s easy UI.

Changes to Gutenberg 11.2

One of the changes is an update to the search block.

This search block allowed visitors to search a website. WordPress recently Gutenberg update give that search blocks to more design customization option. Specifically, you can add more color options for the search button and search box border.

you can see the examples below: publisher can change background colors and add border to search box.

More Pullquote Design Options

This update of Pullquote is very much similar to the search box update they add more color and border options.

A pullquote is a design feature that consists of a quote, sometimes in larger font, designed to give prominence to important text.

According to WordPress:

“The pullquote block’s color options have also expanded. There are now more distinct options for setting background, text, and link colors. Border support has been expanded to allow selection of a border style, color, and width.”

Additional Improvements

  • Allowing authors to select images that were uploaded by other authors
  • Fixing the code to prevent layout shift
  • Fixed theme and plugin incompatibility bugs in the Widget Editor
  • Removed an outdated reference to Instagram from an embed bloc
  • Improved the code quality.

Performance Improvement

In Gutenberg 11.1 there is loading time is 8.54s and in the updated version time is 8.48s.

And in the Keypress event (Typing) score Of 11.1 is 38.17ms and in the updated version score is 37.89ms.

So there are very good performance enhancements in the recent Gutenberg update 11.2.