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Great Video Marketing Starts with Great Stories. Be unique, Inspire and Connect

Video Marketing is worth more than a thousand Images

In recent times we have gone from “I like an ad” to ” I like a video ” without hardly knowing. The Video marketing has become a key player in the Strategy Digital Marketing; a fast and effective resource with numerous advantages.

Video, as a marketing tool, is increasingly widespread and valued by Internet users. With the amount of information that we can find on the Internet, any element that facilitates the visibility and understanding of a certain content is interesting. Video allows you to easily, comfortably and quickly assume a specific message, whether commercial or institutional.

Video Tips and Testimonials

Get visits to your website and your social networks with video advice or video testimonials from satisfied customers and explain yourself the benefits of your services.

Animated Infographics

Animated infographics and animated videos offer you the ability to present data or abstract concepts in an entertaining and easy-to-understand way.

Corporate Video

If you need a corporate video or a promotional spot, we can assist you. We make all kinds of videos for companies, video presentation of products, etc.

Entertaining, sensitive videos or video tips and tutorials are the best videos to gain influence, viralize your content through video marketing to publicize your business or brand.

Did you Know?

91% of surfers consume online video content regularly. Today the video format allows your positioning to progress, have a greater brand presence and increase visits to your website. The consumer wants to see the product, to know more about it and for your brand to communicate with it in a visual way. Here, the inventiveness and relevance of the content will be decisive in Digital Marketing.

Viralize and spread your videos

A good Video Marketing campaign seeks to seek the popularity and incessant distribution of video content through Digital Marketing actions that span different jobs, including those that include:

  • Creation of a well-optimized and organized YouTube Channel, with playlists, descriptions, links, tags, etc. …
  • Development of video Ads campaigns on YouTube that help us spread the content
  • Development of viralization strategy in social networks: Social Media Marketing

What is Video Marketing and what does it consist of?

H Cube Web Solutions, as a specialized Video Marketing agency in Vadodara, India , our online video marketing term is based on making your business known on the Internet through audiovisuals, and consists of making viral videos with interesting content and careful presentation that later we will move through social networks and we will optimize on YouTube in order to help you position yourself in the first places.

Our target audience

Our goal is to reach an audience that seeks information and consumes it in a fast and demanding way: Internet users who provide organic traffic to each page while surfing the net in search of information.

In this way, when a potential customer comes to your website looking for a service, how can you get their attention? How to get him to stay? How can you get her to find you while you surf? The video is the answer to each and every one of these questions, due to the fact that it sustains the attention of the user (potential customer), becoming a very influential factor when deciding to purchase a product or service.

What can we do for you?

As experts in Internet marketing we know how important it is to have good audiovisual content. We can help you generate videos that will improve your presence and results on the Internet.

We take care of advising you on the theme and the definition of the script, we make the recordings and the complete editing of the video, with voiceovers, music, we leave it ready for use.

We take care of:

Company Presentation

Presentation of Service

Recording Testimonials

Video Blog




At H Cube Web Solutions, we are well aware of the extraordinary effect that video generates as part of a marketing campaign. However, still many B2C and B2B companies only create explanatory videos, without making the most of this tool. Do you know that video can help you increase your goals throughout the sales funnel?

To maximize ROI, it is imperative that you have a comprehensive video marketing strategy that engages unknown users and leads them through the conversion funnel. Our designs video marketing strategies that help generate sales from the Inbound methodology or from our e-Commerce method.

Business Values

Quality of Service

Each of our services offered are performed by 100% trained professionals from the digital marketing industry, in order to offer excellence.


Having as an organizational culture the disposition and application of changes, continuous search for new techniques in the client’s labor methodologies and strategies.


Promote the integration of each member of the different departments in order to create a synergy of ideas and processes for the quick and effective execution of the goals.

Communication and Honesty

Truth is promoted as a fundamental quality to generate confidence and the credibility of H Cube, before the client. Be honest in the real objectives of each client to set effective goals. The relationships and connections within the members of the company and with clients are fluid and sincere.

Responsibility and Commitment

Aimed at ensuring the good working conditions of each of the members of the internal team, guaranteeing the professionalism of each member in order to improve productivity and commitment to the client when carrying out projects with quality and efficiency.

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