The relentless truth is that your company website could be the best source of potential clients that you aren’t using to its fullest potential.

Visitors into Customers

Visitors’ advent to your website from different sources such as:

  • Offline marketing
  • Referrals
  • E-mail marketing
  • Search engines
  • Social media
  • Podcasts
  • Advertising

But the cardinal question is that how proactively you convert your inbound traffic into leads. It’s actually a mind game, try giving a little extra nudge to your visitors by helping them to capture e-mail, scheduling calls, suggesting them to view a certain page by this you can generate more leads, initiate more conversations and ultimately close more sales.

A lot of business website has a simple, monotonous content with a subscribe button on their site, There is no extra inducement for the visitor to give his or her valuable contact information, A gif Image or a video can attract the user than your long boring text paragraphs.

Be sure that these visual contents do not affect your websites loading speed.

The key to making lead capture on your website work very well is to promote an offer that has a high perceived value to the right people.

Try to grab the attention of the most qualified prospects.

Your product and services should attract the target customers. Suppose that, if you are offering trendy clothing then the focus should be on the youths and the website should match the requirements which can attract them.

Your website content should be crisp, no matter how alluring your website is, if it fails to describe your products or services then no one is going to bother about it. Try to gain your visitors trust, visitors in general don’t trust the website to provide their personal details for billing purpose, it’s your responsibility to give the confidence to your visitors regarding the safety of their personal information provided to you.

Responsive design improves user experience and lowers the bounce rate.

E commerce websites should be powerfully designed that should be capable of facing the challenge and does not end with easy navigation and sleek design.