Readership is good for your brand as it serves to drive wave of potential customers to your website. Readership is counted as the traffic which is subscribed to your communication via various channels. This traffic includes people who have already liked your communication (blog or article).

Readership is the real asset for your marketing investment as you never know which Google algorithm wipes out your site from SERPs. At that juncture, your valuable readers will be your only source of free traffic.

Building a strong readership comes with hard work, consistent effort and right strategy. Here are some important tips which you can integrate to increase readership on your website.

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Be Creative

Creative content is the most valuable driving force which can increase readership. Publish blogs which are creative and valuable. Even if your main purpose is to drive sales, don’t promote your product directly in every content piece. Instead try to create a knowledge and diversified pool.

Be Engaging

If readers are not reading your content then you are not publishing value add content but mere text.  Your main motto in driving readership should be conversion of one time readers into regular readers. Engage readers so that it boosts your website’s domain authority and page authority. Try engaging your readers with contests, brain teasers and puzzles.

Be Consistent

Post content on regular basis as it keeps your reader’s interest alive. Also define ideal time and frequency of content publication.

Know your Audience

Millions of online searches happens on Google every day. If your communication answers to the search queries, then you have a higher chances of being found. Even if the sole purpose of your business is to generate leads, write for existing customers as well. Engage them and build a community where your audience is ensured that they are being valued upon.

Go Social

Make sure you spend quality time on your social media handles. It is the place where your audience is frequent. The biggest mistake marketers do is they focus more on just getting likes and shares. They fail to build a community of readership. Do remember, once your readers are engaged with your communication, they will be the ones hitting likes and shares.

Social media marketing is one of the most popular way to increase readership. Publish your content on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. With large customer base and easy-to-navigate interface social media can help increase traffic to your website

Feed the Humming Bird

Humming Bird is the new algorithm where Google has been ranking synonyms in its search results. Don’t forget to optimize your content for synonyms. For example, if you search for “Free Payment Solutions”, you will also see results for “Payment Processor” highlighted. We have already explained about the ‘Humming Bird ‘ update in our previous blog, ‘how to rank higher on Google’.

Diversified Content

Too much photos and videos can be bad for your website. Hence, try publishing diversified content such as articles, posts, offers, info-graphics etc. The key to increase readership is engaging your readers such that they feel like a part of your community. Always promote your best content across all the available social channels and try engaging your readers in the best possible way.