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Content Writing Services in Vadodara

At H Cube Web Solutions, we offer personalized services to carry out the writing of content for all types of texts. A content editor for each of the communication demands that exist in the market, be it for the writing of web content, institutional texts, content marketing or commercial. At H Cube Web Solutions, we put at your disposal the best team of professionals in the sector.

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We carry out corporate blog design and also maintenance:

Content writing for content marketing (SEO)

Since the internet has become a fundamental tool for promoting and attracting new customers, content marketing is the basis on which any company’s online marketing strategy is based.

From its launch to the latest algorithm updates (especially from Panda), Google has always prioritized “healthy” and original content as a way of evaluating a platform in the universe of websites and online proposals that exist.

For this reason, having a website or platform with updated, relevant, SEO friendly content and content writing in accordance with the rules and algorithms that speed up search engine indexing is the main advantage over your competitors.

Only those sites or platforms whose content is really valued by Google are the ones who, finally, will reach the first places in the ranking (SERPs). Inside the Top 10 of searches, and not being, is the difference between your business growing or disappearing.

In addition, we present you a content marketing strategy that indicates which criteria you must “target”, associated with your business, that you must position to reach the top 10 of Google.

We know perfectly what Google likes, and that is reflected in the quality of the content designed to position.

“We create original quality content to seduce Google and make your customers fall in love …”

Writing educational content

The writing of educational content is a service intended mainly for educational centers, institutions, universities and other companies in the educational sector.

At Content writing services provider in Vadodara, India, we have specialized content writers, regardless of the level of training, subject and chair or the destination of the texts.

Both the creation of manuals, training books, lecture notes, etc. with rights session, whether for your final destination on paper or interactive for e-books.

We offer a proven and effective work dynamic, to generate a vicious circuit between creation, content validation and final correction.

From its launch to the latest algorithm updates (especially from Panda), Google has always prioritized “healthy” and original content as a way of evaluating a platform in the universe of websites and online proposals that exist.

Content writing for web

A website without quality content does not, to date, fulfill any specific function. Therefore, from H cube Web Solutions we offer you the best content writing designed for your website. In this sense, we write any type of articles, on the subject you need, to generate loyalty to your blog.

For the writing of specialized content, we have professionals oriented in each subject who are in charge of creating articles of interest to share on networks and create a community around the product or topic you want to transmit. Of course, all articles are technically written to be indexed and positioned by Google quickly and efficiently.

We know the number of words it must have, the organization of the paragraphs, Hs, titles, descriptions, keys and all the secrets so that Google transfers authority to your site and thus grows much faster.

Frequently asked questions about content writing

How is a content writing budget calculate?

Once the content to be created, the time we have and others has been analyzed, an evaluation is made based on the amount of material that the client provides us: it is not the same to have notes or an index than to have nothing.

Nor is the writing of specific content in article formats the same as the same topic throughout a book. It also influences the budget if the material must be found and organized by us or if the necessary documentation is presented and ready to work.

Ultimately, it is best to keep in touch with our editors to set an effective content creation budget tailored to each need.

Methodology for content writing

Once the type of text that we are going to create has been defined, a professional writer is assigned who will contact the client. The first step, if necessary (especially for long content), is the development of an index, which is included in the annex to the contract to be signed. This index includes the general idea, the points or topics to be discussed and the length of the manuscript or book.

In the case of short texts, such as articles, documents and others, simply agree on the subject, the length and start with the writing.

 In the case of content creation for online marketing, the material is delivered fully prepared to be indexed by Google.

How long does content writing take?

A priori it is impossible to determine an average time, it always depends on the type of work, the length and difficulty of the content. A book is not the same as an article or an institutional text.

What is content marketing?

Since the algorithms of Google and other search engines evolved to provide increasingly better positions for content that is truly valued by users, content writing has become a vital tool to improve search engine positions.

Therefore, it is no longer enough to fill the website of a company, services or the blog of a website with content without more. Now, the type of content, the way it is written, the way it is presented to Google so that it, in turn, can catalog it properly, important and a lot.

In that sense, content marketing is the most important part of any online marketing strategy (intended, as we have discussed, to raise search engine positions).

Without going any further, the artificial intelligence to which Google subjects millions of sites every day, has managed to identify the quality of a content (and therefore whether it is relevant or not) in an increasingly precise way. Going to the point of removing relevance to a site if the content writing is not good, it is not properly written, if it does not meet the metadata requirements or if it is not long enough that the complexity of a topic requires.

” We don’t like to brag, but our clients do! “

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