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Looking for best Cinematography Services for Hospitals, clinics, Industries, Construction companies, Builders, Architects, Hotels, Resorts, Bar, Motels, Boutiques, Saloons, Showrooms, Laboratories, Schools & Collages, Gym, Waterparks, Gardens, Projects and more in Vadodara?

We are a team of technicians and film and advertising production managers, passionate about our discipline and determined to create a new standard of quality. We all share a common trait, professionalism. We love production, creation and originality, but above all we love a job well done. Our commitment is the creation of a connected work system supported by a basic principle, communication.


Yes We have

A Light Meter

We’ve owned this meter in the past and it went everywhere with me. It was overkill for Our needs at the time.


This seems like an obvious one, because who doesn’t have their phone with them all the time anyway? But the number of apps available for photo and video use these days is unreal.

Walkie Talkie with Earpiece

Even for our phone, if We’re planning to use it as an communication system while having our hands free, have our own earpiece. Sometimes We need to be able to listen and talk and go hands free.

Point & Shoot Camera

 We’ll often have a second camera in Our bag with a zoom lens on it just for wandering around a location and checking compositions.

A head Lamp

Depending on what and where you’re shooting, you may not need this all the time. But, expect the unexpected. It’s a handy thing to keep in one’s bag. You never know when the power might go out.

Light Bulbs

And the first of those is light bulbs. WE never know when we’ll turn up to an indoor location to find that the practical lights are all wrong. These are the things that We just kind of accumulate over time.

Cinematography Services Provider in Vadodara

At H cube web Solutions, we have everything you need, but the best thing is that we know how to use it and we want to guide you so that you can get the best out of it: digital cinema cameras and an extensive catalog of cinema lenses. Lighting material and grip material, camera stabilizers, sets and much more!

Filming and Production Services in Vadodara

Filming and Production Services for Cinema, Advertising or Television. At H Cube we combine all the stages of audiovisual production under one roof, making each of the filming and production services necessary to carry out your project available to the client. We have a large portfolio of camera technicians, lighting, grip or producers committed to H Cube and willing to give the best service. We offer filming and film, advertising and television production services.

Filming cinema, advertising or television

Production staff for film, advertising or television shooting. Our production managers, line producers, location managers or assistants, with more than 20 years of experience in the film and advertising industry, will accompany you during all the filming processes.

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