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Corporate Blog Design Services in Vadodara

There are currently more than 25 million blogs around the world, an amount that at the current rate will double within 6 months. Our online marketing services understand this important aspect. In the business world there is a growing trend whereby more and more companies are launching the corporate blog design in order to meet communication and marketing objectives fundamentally:

  • Obtain feedback from your customers’ experiences to improve the services and products they offer to the market.
  • Obtain opinions from your customers about the products or services of your competition along with suggestions to improve your own, or even to obtain valuable information to develop new products from the discovery of potential market niches.
  • To test new products and launches
  • It is undoubtedly used as an aid to strengthen and improve the ranking of the corporate website in search engines
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We offer you the design of your corporate blog

We offer you the ideal solution to create a blog for your company or business. We professionally design your blog with the latest technologies. We create, configure and install your blog depending on your needs and we even provide you with accommodation and email:

We carry out corporate blog design and also maintenance:

Preliminary steps to blog development

  • Study of the best model to use according to your needs
  • Domain registration if necessary
  • installation of the technological platform that we use
  • Configuration of the self-managing content manager for your blog in Joomla or WordPress

Start up your blog: Contents

  • Creation of the categories of your blog
  • Publication of 3 posts or articles and 3 static pages
  • Creating the Menu of your Blog
  • Installation of a contact form

Development of graphical environment

  • Choosing a business template
  • Graphic customization
  • Graphic Development of the Web. Adaptation or basic design of the logo and colors

Advanced Configuration of your Blog

  • Content distribution configuration: pings, url
  • Configuration of lateral utilities: categories, last entries, most read entries, tag cloud, user comments, feeds or RSS, calendar, links

Your Blog and Social Networks

We also offer you a very complete package of accessories so that your blog reaches maximum visibility:

  • Connection with social networks: twitter, Facebook. Syndication of the content posted on your blog
  • Tools to share and disseminate your content on social networks, shake me, Facebook, twitter, buzz,

What is the process for developing your blog?

  1. Consulting to determine and limit your blog project.
  2. Choice of model: domain already used or a new one for your blog
  3. Choosing your blog template
  4. Once the template is chosen, we personalize your blog with your logo, images and other graphic elements
  5. We receive from you:
  • the list of topic categories for your blog
  • your first articles
  • presentation texts for your static pages: about us- profile -mission …
  • Images (if you don’t have them, we’ll look for them in image banks

6. Delivery of your blog!!/!

   Optional corporate blog design services

  1. Training Course (optional not included in the price)
  2. Maintenance (optional). We offer you various services:
  1. Community manager (moderation and supervision of user comments under your style guides)
  2. Copywriting. We write and post the articles on your blog
  3. Consulting on what should be your writing topics and topics, categories and tags.

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