There are Many FREE SEO Tools on Web but here i tried my best to cover most important Tools which you can use it for your SEO Projects.

These are the FREE SEO Tools

1️⃣ AlsoAsked

🔹 AlsoAsked scrapes People Also Ask (PAA) and shows you the PAA questions related to the topic you’ve entered.

SEO tools


Google SERP Snipper Optimzer Tool

🔹 Enter your proposed title, meta description & URL. It will show you what your webpage will potentially look like in the SERP.

Google SEO Tools


Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

🔹This tool helps you to create the right schema markup based on what you want to generate for local businesses, FAQs, products, etc.

Schema Generator



🔹 Free service that connects news sources with journalists looking for expertise; this is a great way to build authoritative links for your website.

Haro SEO Tools


Robots.txt Generator

🔹 A robots.txt file tells search engines where they can and can’t go on your site. Create a properly formatted robots.txt file

Robot.txt generator


View Rendered Source

🔹 This tool shows how the browser has rendered a page’s original HTML into the DOM, including modifications made by JavaScript.

View Source Tools


Google Alerts

🔹 Use this tool to set up mentions of your name or business. Google Alerts will then send you an email with all the pages that have mentioned the term you’re tracking.

Google Alerts Tool


Keyword Sheeter

🔹 If you want to generate a lot of keyword ideas fast, this is the tool for you. It pulls around 1,000 ideas per minute, and you can export the results for free in one click.

Free Keywords Research Tools


SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

🔹 Emulates Google searches from any location and checks if a particular URL ranks in the top 100 results.

Free Nightwatch SEO Tools



🔹 This tool looks for SEO issues on the page, tells you how many there are, and lets you investigate further.

SEO Tools Free


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